Coaching with 2D and 3D Biomechanics

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Coach : An Athlete's Mentor


There is no one person that is more important to an athlete than an athlete's coach. The coach provides expertise, direction, inspiration, and at time consolation to athletes as they move through the different phases of development. A good coach can provide the necessary tools and instruction to help athletes achieve their best. Conversely, an uninformed coach can be an athlete's biggest detriment, and can cause pitchers more harm than good.

Pitchers: Are you prepared?

It's the bottom of the ninth inning, your team is up by one run, the bases are loaded, the count is 3-2 with two outs…are you ready? Are you distracted? Are you tired or sore? Can you concentrate? Or is it just another pitch that you are prepared to throw to end the inning and win the game? Being prepared for situations of all kinds on the mound is ultimately a function of being ready physically, mentally, nutritionally, and mechanically. As pitchers, we have the challenging task of facing many different batters with different abilities and styles. Being ready to face that challenge is all about preparation.


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